The Body as a Whole

Holistic therapy treats the whole person rather than just his/her symptoms. Holistic medicine recognizes that the human body is made up of not only body, but also mind and spirit.

Our emotions can have a tremendous impact on how our bodies react physically and can bring about a tremendous improvement/decline in our health.  

The fact is, we are complex organisms. If one part of our body is affected, it will impact our whole bodies. That's why the holistic medicine is so effective and so important. 

At Forget Me Not Alternative Healing our goal is to help our clients take control over their health and happiness. We believe in using the highest quality ORGANIC PRODUCTS and the correct HEALING THERAPIES to help support the body through the healing process, whether physical, emotional, or mental.


Every illness has an underlying cause due to the damaging effects of poor diet and exercise, buried negative emotions, and the everyday stress of life. We are trained to find and remove the underlying cause of a disease and restore vibrant health.

"Nobody has to live in misery. I truly believe that everyone can be healed from whatever is weighing them down and live a full, HEALTHY and HAPPY life."


                                        ~ Aleesha Franklin, Founder | Healer

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