Our feet have signals that connect to every part of our body. FootZoning is a two-part therapy that utilizes those signals in correcting the body. The first part is called zone analysis. Zone analysis analyzes the current state and condition of the body physically, mentally, and emotionally and gives the practitioner detailed information about how to positively move forward with a proper health program. 

Zone balance is the second part to a footzone. It is the part of the therapy that heals the body. Every cell in our body holds a memory, whether good or bad.  Our cell memory remembers. Just like good memories can fill us with a feeling of love, joy and happiness, negative or traumatic memories can fill us with sadness, grief and severe anxiety.


Zone balance works directly with the cell memory and helps erase the negative memory. Once the negative memory is removed, the cells in the body can do what they were designed to do and create healthy cells. When the body is able to create healthy cells, not only can it heal physically, but it can return to the body as it was designed to be. 

$100 per session

Meet our Healer, Aleesha Franklin

Aleesha is a Board Certified FootZonologist as well as a Board Certified FootZonology® Instructor through the Nordblom American Institute of FootZonology®. She graduated in 2010 with her Footzonology® Certification and graduated in 2012 with her Footzonology® Instructors Certification.


Aleesha has also taken CE courses through the National Certified Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork learning specifically how to help heal deep emotional scars and mental/emotional trauma. She is also currently going through The Trinity School of Natural Health to complete her schooling as a Naturopath.


Aleesha has significant experience working with allergies and young children. Her area of expertise is with controlling health challenges (small and great) through proper diet and elimination of toxins, stress, and emotional/mental blockages and triggers.

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