HandZoning is a therapy that balances the heart, soul, body and mind.


The hand is directly connected with the heart and the light vessels stemming from it. The heart has the ability to connect directly and bypass other processes of connection. This about when you shake someones hand; you automatically get a feel for the person because your heart (the palm of your hand) is connecting with theirs, and directly giving you information without actually talking.


Through HandZoning, the heart signal in the palm of the hand is used to open up light vessels in the body and reconnect disconnections. As a result, the whole body is in harmony and positive communication with itself.

$185 per session

Meet our Healer, Aleesha Franklin

Aleesha is a Board Certified FootZonologist as well as a Board Certified FootZonology® Instructor through the Nordblom American Institute of FootZonology®. She graduated in 2010 with her Footzonology® Certification and graduated in 2012 with her Footzonology® Instructors Certification.


Aleesha has also taken CE courses through the National Certified Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork learning specifically how to help heal deep emotional scars and mental/emotional trauma. She is also currently going through The Trinity School of Natural Health to complete her schooling as a Naturopath.


Aleesha has significant experience working with allergies and young children. Her area of expertise is with controlling health challenges (small and great) through proper diet and elimination of toxins, stress, and emotional/mental blockages and triggers.

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