A ten day ALL-INCLUSIVE healing retreat!  Come and immerse yourself in comfort, compassion, and connection in this one of a kind healing experience.  Learn how to claim your power that comes from within.  Reconnect and heal your whole being-physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually through the aid and guidance of licensed and certified practitioners of the healing arts.  Leave loveing yourself again!   

Phoenix Connection Healing Retreat

Our 3-Day Workshops are designed to help you focus on the area of your health that needs the most attention. During the workshop we will discuss in depth to help teach you, empower you, and help you heal in the areas where you need support.  We offer individual workshops focused on the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body, and the spiritual body.  

3-Day Healing Workshops

Would you like us to come to your town for a healing retreat or workshop?  We would love to!  All we need is a large enough audiance to fill the program and we will be on an airplane heading your way.  

Let us know where you live and then spread the word to your friends.  Have them drop us a line right here! Once there is enough interest in your area, we will reach out and let you know that we are planning an event near you.  

We will come to you!

Are you looking for some personal coaching or a private therapy session? Aleesha offers several types of therapy sessions whether you are near or far.  Learm more about Aleesha here.

Want something more personal?
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