Phoenix Connection Healing Retreat

Leave feeling empowered, connected, and ready to change the world!

The Phoenix Connection Retreat is unlike any other healing experience on the planet.  You will be part of a group with no more than fifteen people sharing this amazing transformational journey. 


Through the guidance and help from licensed and certified practitioners of the healing arts, you will deeply connect with your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.  Over the ten days you will discover the root causes behind your biggest health obstacles and how to overcome them. 


The Phoenix Connection Retreat is an intense healing program that will take you from wherever you are at into a space full of energy, vitality, love, joy, empathy, compassion, understanding, and power.  You may feel like parts of you are broken when you arrive, but you will leave feeling empowered and whole. 

You will be able to drop all your stresses, worries, and regular responsibilities at the door.  From the moment you arrive, we will take care of you!  You will be staying in a top of the line, private venue that is peaceful, cozy, and perfect for healing and relaxation. 

All meals, drinks, snacks, and remedies are of the highest quality, organic, whole-food and plant based.  Everything is made by our own amazing chef who infuses all his cuisine with fresh ingredients, big flavors, and loads of fun.  You will receive customized healing supplements and remedies throughout the retreat to support you on your healing journey. 

In order to fully immerse into a healing space, it is a requirement to completely disconnect from the outside world.  Your family and/or loved ones will have access to the staff in case of an emergency, but cell phones, iPad, laptops, smart devices of any kind, etc. are not allowed at the retreat.  We will lock them up and store them for you during your stay if you would like or you can leave them at home.  As uncomfortable as this may sound, it is a key component to healing.  Trust us. It will be worth it!

When it comes to healing, we use all avenues.  You will get to experience the healing benefits of nature through foods, herbal remedies, hikes/nature walks, sunshine, air, and water.  You will also experience yoga, meditation, journaling, and personalized healing sessions with one or more of our practitioners. 

You will be taught heart, mind, and soul altering truths, as well as how to apply them, that will shatter the current paradigm you are living in so that you can begin creating a new one that resonates with your inner truth. 

This program will change your life!


Join us for an incredible journey that will help you see the magnificent beauty in your story, allow you to step out of your pain, and rise out of your ashes like the powerful Phoenix that you are. 


You will leave empowered, connected, and ready to change the world!

September 2020

Homer, AK

10 Day All-Inclusive Healing Retreat

Cost: $6750 

Specific days are TBD. Add yourself to our "INTERESTED" list, and you will receive an email when the dates have been finalized.  

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