Bay Leaf: BEST oil for lymphatic cleansing and drainage; Creates a warm and heated sensation so it is great for muscle strain and spasms as well as arthritic conditions and poor circulation.


Properties: Stimulant, expectorant, antiseptic, antibiotic, antispasmodic, emmenagogue, insecticide, sedative, neuralgic


Good For: Muscle pain, arthritis, poor circulation, achy joints, digestive problems, lungs, sinuses, improves memory, headaches, rheumatism, neuralgia, colds, flu, calming, dental infections, diarrhea, skin infections, fatigue



  • Angelica root, basil, benzoin, chamomile, cypress, fir, lavender, marjoram, oregano

Suggested Uses:

  • Acne Reduction - blend 2 drops Bay Leaf, 4 drops Lavender and 1 drop Geranium with 1 oz Jojoba oil and apply lightly to pimples.



Bay Leaf

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