Why Pau D'arco?

This plant is also known as Lapacho. It is an herb that is native to the amazon rainforest. It is known for its amazing cleansing ability. Pau D'arco is excellent at ridding the body of fungal overgrowths, bacteria, systemic infections, parasites as well as candida. It is also exceptional at breaking down and eliminating tumors and killing cancer cells. It strengthens the health of the blood and bone marrow. Pau D'arco also helps the gastrointestinal system, is anti-inflammatory, aids in cleansing of the liver, respiratory system and the skin.



Organic Pau D'arco (Tabebuia Avellandae)

fermented using an ancient, unique keifer grain. (Pure filtered, organic pau d'arco, organic raw cane sugar, active cultures).

Fermented Pau D'arco 8 oz

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