Hyssop: Extremely uplifting and helps to provide directions and to see the way you should go. Brings inspiration, wisdom, and lifts you to a higher awareness. Helps to get rid of guilt and fear. Removes negativity.


Properties: anti-inflammatory, antiviral, stimulant


Good For: anxiety, restoring appetite, preventing plague, arthritis, asthma, bruises, circulatory system, respiratory system, cleansing, discharging toxins and mucus, concentration, colds, coughs, cuts, dermatitis, digestion, fever, fatigue, bloating, upset stomach, gout, grief, raising low blood pressure, clearing lungs, regulating menstrual flow, nervous tension, osteoporosis, strengthens heart, bronchitis, parasites, scars, scar tissue, sore throats, stress, viral infections and wounds, helps people work together better, organization, brain fog, and rheumatism



  • Bay leaf, citrus, Clary sage, geranium, grapefruit, lavender, lemon, mandarin, myrtle, orange, rosemary, sage

Suggested Uses:

  • Bronchitis Compress - 1 drop each of Hyssop, Frankincense, Douglas Fir and Silver Fir. Sleep with a compress of the mixture on the upper back.
  • High Blood Pressure Stabilizer - blend 5 drops Hyssop, 10 drops Marjoram and 15 drops Rose Geranium with Almond or Jojoba carrier oil.  Massage into the soles of the feet daily.


  • Avoid during pregnancy
  • Do not use if prone to seizures 


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