Lemon: helps let go of grudges and resentment, helps have joy and sense of humor about life


Properties: antibiotic, sedative, carminative, diuretic, astringent, immunostimulant, antidepressant, stimulant, antiseptic, febrifuge, calmative, antispasmodic, depurative, vermifuge


Good For: anxiety, blood pressure, debility, digestion problems, fever, gallstones, cleansing lymphatic system, memory improvement, nervous conditions, respiratory problems, sore throat (blend with thyme), water purification, colds, flu, skin care, general tonic, asthma, sinusitis, strengthens connective tissue, stimulates pancreas after cleanse, improves attention span, bronchitis, tightens and smooths muscles, liver cleanse, stimulates endocrine system after cleanse, helps induce labor if baby is overdue, cellulite, respiratory system



  • Citruses, cypress, juniper, lavender, myrtle, swiss pine, thyme

Suggested uses:

  • Antibacterial Surface Spray - In a spray bottle, mix 10 drops Lemon and 5 drops Lavender or Tea Tree in 1 cup water and 1 cup alcohol.  Use as needed to kill germs.
  • Fever and Chills Compress - Blend 5 drops Lemon and 2 drops Chamomile in a small bowl of cold water.  Dip a clean cloth in water mixture and apply to forehead as needed.


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