Malacholla is a stone of communication, wholeness and confidence.

Malachite carries energies of empowerment, creativity and of a healed heart. The crystal helps to maintain emotional balance and guides one to set up boundaries for oneself and not take on other’s drama. Malachite releases deep emotional wounds. The crystal enhances one’s will power towards manifesting and creating dreams and desires.

Chrysocolla represents water element. The crystal reflects feminine energies in both men and women and connects with the consciousness of Earth. Its energies are gentler that the ones of Malachite. Chrysocolla is the Goddess’s Stone. The crystal stimulates the throat chakra and makes you understand that all expressions are sacred. The crystal balances the heart chakra and assists to speak one’s truth as it is felt in the heart and not be afraid to share who you are. Chrysocolla is a spiritual stone that opens channels to access the higher consciousness.


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