Our Sacred Geometry sets include 5  of the Platonic Solids.  The Platonic Solids are the "building blocks" of the Universe.  Every physical manifestation from a flower to a building to a person derives from these Platonic shapes.  The sets come in different crystals including Rose Quartz , Amethyst , Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz and more .   As each of these crystals have different properties, they will work differently with each shape - which also has different properties -  and offer multiple healing and meditative opportunities.    For instance, someone who suffers from headaches may get the most benefit from an Amethyst dodecahedron - the shape that is associated with the third-eye and crown chakra and the element of ether.  A Smokey Quartz cube would help bring balance since both are associated with the Root chakra and earth element.  


Price per set.  Available in:


*Smokey Quartz



*Rose Quartz

*Red Jasper





*Orange Calcite



*Yellow Calcite

*Tiger's Eye

*Green Adventurine

Sacred Geometry Set

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