Welcome to the New Us!

September 6, 2017

Hello! And welcome to Forget Me Not Alternative Healing! 


If you haven’t already been in to see us, or haven’t already heard about us, let me tell you a little bit about US.

Forget Me Not Alternative Healing is Homer’s newest natural health store.  We carry bulk dried herbs, fermented herbs, European essential oils, carrier and body oils, crystals and healing gemstones, teas, kombucha on tap, glass bottles, and much more.  We also have an amazing team of Natural Healers who offer a myriad of different healing arts including: Footzone therapy, Heart and Soul Recovery, Massage, Reiki, Gemstone Therapy, Biosynchronistics, Emotion Code, Wholistic Wellness Coaching, Yoga and more.  

Forget Me Not Alternative Healing was founded by Aleesha Franklin in 2013.  Aleesha is a licensed Natural Healthcare Practitioner through the State of Alaska and has been practicing natural health and alternative therapies for over seven years.  Forget Me Not began up in Anchorage, while Aleesha and her family were stationed there at JBER.  She had a small practice there but wanted to expand into something more.  She and her husband fell in love with Homer the first time they visited.  Once they were ready to make the jump from military life back to civilian life, they knew Homer was their final destination.  

Forget Me Not Alternative Healing moved down to Homer in October of 2015 but did not actually open until January of 2016.  It was a small location off of Sea Breeze Ct. Aleesha began as a one woman shop for a short time until things began to grow.  Within a matter of months, it was very apparent that Forget Me Not needed a bigger space to plant its roots.  The perfect place became available in the summer of 2016 and Forget Me Not made the move once more to permanently reside on Main St.  November 15, 2017 will mark our first birthday here on Main St.  

We feel so blessed to be in the location we are at.  There is so much history is this happy building.  Many of our customers and clients often tell us of the fond memories they had at the quilt shop or the toy store.  We love being part of Homer’s heritage and history.  

Our goal here at Forget Me Not Alternative Healing is to help YOU become healthy and happy.  Health doesn’t just happen with the physical body, but with the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies as well.  Here at Forget Me Not we take a wholistic approach and work with everything together.  We believe in using proper diet full of whole foods and ferments to give the body the proper nutrients it needs to heal.  We believe in feeling and releasing emotions instead of stuffing them down where they can fester into a dis-ease.  We believe in the power of thought and releasing old negative belief patterns to make way for positive healing patterns.  We believe in treating the entire soul, so that the body-all parts-can become balanced and unified.  This is what will bring health and happiness.  

Please come in and see us to learn how we can further help you in becoming healthy and happy.


P.S. This blog is designed to share information about the products we carry and health topics that our customers and clients are interested in.  So if YOU have some questions about products or health topics, please leave a comment.  We would love to address them and help everyone learn together.  

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