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October 2, 2017


Fall is definitely here!  If you couldn’t tell by the beautiful leaves that are changing color and falling to the ground, I am sure the copious amounts of people, adult and child alike, who are coughing up a storm will give it away.  Yes, cold and flu season is in full swing my friends.  So today I want to share with you my favorite herbal remedies to help strengthen the immune system, fight off colds and flu virus, and recover strength after illness.

First, I will list my Top 5 Fermented Herbs.  What are fermented herbs you might ask? Think of them as the superheroes of herbs.  The plant material is fermented in a liquid solution with a SCOBY (very similar to water kefir or kombucha) so the plant gets “predigested”, the healing properties get pulled into the liquid solution and because of the fermentation, the liquid is full of probiotic bacteria.  Because of the breakdown of the plant material, the body doesn’t have to use any energy to digest it; the liquid can be immediately absorbed and begin working right away.  The fermentation also helps to enhance many of the healing properties of the herbs, that is why I call them superheroes.  

My Top 5 Fermented Herbs for fighting off colds and flu are:

  1. Fermented Echinacea: this herb is one of the very best at boosting the immune system as well as fighting off colds at the very first symptom.  So if you catch it early enough, this herb can help the body to fight it off before it begins fighting you.  It is also beneficial at stopping secondary infection from creeping in.   

  2. Fermented Oregano: this herb is excellent at helping to clear out the upper respiratory system. It is a strong herb that kills bacteria as well as fights off candida and other yeasts, fungus, and parasites.  Oregano is antispasmodic, so if you have an irritating cough that you can’t get under control, this is the herb for you.  Oregano is also a warming herb and helps if you are prone to the chills when sick.

  3. Fermented Thyme: Similar to Oregano, this herb is also antispasmodic, antibacterial, and is great for clearing out the respiratory system.  Thyme is great at helping restore strength to the body after illness as well as improve circulation and strengthens the heart.  

  4. Fermented Ginger: this herb is wonderful at boosting the immune system.  It is also a warming herb and will improve circulation.  If you are achy and cold while you are sick, ginger will help alleviate your pain as well as warm you up.  It will help break up catarrh in the chest and is also really good for the digestive system.  

  5. Fermented Holy Basil: this herb is good for combatting colds, flu, bronchitis, asthma, and arthritis.  The reason this herb is in my top 5 is because it is also amazing at balancing and calming to the nervous system.  So not only will it help you with your illness, but it will help combat depression, anxiety, and mood swings that so many of us are prone to this time of year.  

These five herbs are wonderful taken by themselves, or you can come in and get a blend made specifically for you!  These herbs are to be taken as a supplement.  Normally you would drink a full glass or more per day of a fermented drink.  But these herbs are extremely potent due to the 3-4 month long fermentation process, so you only take 1 teaspoon 3-4 times per day.   These fermented herbs are perfect for starting or adding to your home medicine cabinet.  

If I get sick with a cold or the flu, I also love to use lemon and thyme essential oils mixed in a carrier oil and I rub them on the outside of my throat and chest.  The combination is antispasmodic and helps with the coughing.  They are also antiviral and antibacterial, so this combo helps to fights off streptococcal bacteria. 

And lastly, I love tea.  I like to drink red clover herbal tea when I am feeling under the weather.  You can add lemon or some raw honey if you like, but I enjoy mine straight.  Red clover helps to give strength to the body as it is fighting off any infections or viruses.  Red clover is one of the best herbs to cleanse the blood, it is also soothing to the lungs and respiratory system, and is a mild expectorant.  Red clover just gives me a happy warm comforting feeling all over when I drink it! 

Hopefully this info will give you an edge on fighting off the colds and flu going around so that you can enjoy the beauty of fall.  Fall is a time of transformation and change when we can let go of things we no longer need and prepare for new beginnings.  Take advantage of the amazing healing power of herbs and “let go” of the illnesses hanging on to you. 

If you stop by and mention this blog post, you will receive 10% off any of our fermented herbs, dried herbs, or essential oils to help you on your journey back to health and happiness. 

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