The #FMNFridayFeels 3.02.18

March 2, 2018

 At Forget Me Not Alternative healing, we are all about finding new ways to promote a HEALTHY and HAPPY lifestyle.  We have found a simple weekly (or daily) ritual you can do that's scientifically proven to bring more joy into your life: a GRATITUDE LIST. We are calling our gratitude list #FMNFridayFeels,  as we will be sharing our favs (or the favs of a FMN team member) with all of you every Friday! 


Here's FMN owner Aleesha Franklin's #FMNFridayFeels for the week of 3.02.18:


1 | Having a long chat with my brother.  #bonding


2|  Eating out with new friends.

Homer has some great restaurants...which is your favorite?


3|  Snuggle time with my furbabies.  It's fun and healthy!

 4|  Having amazing employees that allow me the luxury of catching up on my work. :-)


5|  Devouring a DELICIOUSLY ripe dragon fruit.  YUM-E!


 6 |  Date night with the hubby! <3


7  |  Enjoying my favorite tunes and singing at the top of my lungs because no one can hear me! Or, at least I don't think they can.  ;-) 

See if your fav shower jam made the list of most popular...

 8 |  Moose sightings are commonplace when you live in Alaska, is always exciting to observe them... from afar, of course.  It never gets old.  We are truly blessed to live amongst such magnificent creatures....especially when they are accompanied by their babies.

Cuteness overload:

 9 |  Watching the movie, "Wonder".  I LOVED it and cried through the entire thing!  A MUST SEE!


10 |  Fav quote of the week...."You were born with everything you need to follow the call of your soul." ~ Marie Forleo






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