September 20, 2018

You have heard of fermented drinks like beer and kombucha and you have heard of fermented foods like kimchi and sauerkraut.  But have you heard of FERMENTED HERBS?



Don’t worry if you haven’t, its not too late.  I am here to open your eyes to an amazing healing tool that is right at your fingertips…literally. 


Our line of FERMENTED HERB SINGLES, as well as our FERMENTED BLENDS, are similar to herbal tinctures.  However, instead of using alcohol as the solvent, an amazing process of fermentation is used.  To learn more about this fermentation process you can click here.    (http://www.kefiplant.com/patented-technology)



Through this fermentation process, the plant material is broken down and “predigested” by the yeast and bacteria in the fermentation liquid.  The fermentation process also creates a large amount of probiotic bacteria, enzymes (hydrolase, amylase, and lipase), as well as extra B vitamins.  This combination of things allows the body to absorb and utilize more of the active constituents in the herb(s) which in turn means quicker, more efficient, and effective healing occurring in your body.  


After the fermentation process is complete, the fibrous plant material is strained out of the liquid and all of the powerful healing properties, as well as the powerhouse of extra nutrients, probiotics and enzymes, are left behind in the fermented herbal liquid.  The fact that the supplement is in liquid form is an added bonus.  Your digestive system doesn’t have to expel any energy to break it down.  Your body can start utilizing the fermented herbs immediately after you take them.


We like to look at our fermented herbs as a powerful army of superheroes.  When it comes to our health and the health of our bodies, we are constantly being bombarded with foreign invaders.  They can come in the form of bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungus, molds, toxic foods, chemicals, etc.  Fermented herbs are in a liquid form so they are able to begin being absorbed as soon as they get into your mouth.  The enzymes help speed up healing, repairing, and reaction time as well as help supplement the constant supply of enzymes needed in your body (especially the digestive system) to function properly. The copious amounts of beneficial bacteria help to create the proper balance of biodiversity in the microbiome of the gut.  This improves the digestive process, helps to heal the lining of the intestinal tract, and it also strengthens the immune system.  And we haven’t even mentioned the specific healing abilities the individual plants offer that were fermented in the first place!


Oftentimes, when we use regular herbal supplements to help support our health, they aren’t able to work as effectively as they are designed too because they have to get through the stomach acid, get broken down via digestive enzymes (if we even have enough to do so), and then hopefully get absorbed properly to even do their job.  Often with herbal supplements it is an army of one.  The plant material just stands on its own.  With fermented herbs, it is an entire army that works synergistically together.  The combination of the probiotic bacteria, the enzymes, the extra vitamins and minerals on top of the healing constituents of the herbs themselves makes these herbs the super heroes of the herbal supplement world. 


Visit us in-store or online today to begin experiencing the amazing power of FERMENTED HERBS! #HealthyHappyHomer

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